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New Zealand Law

Search or browse New Zealand legislation, reproduced from the Parliamentary Counsel’s online legislation database, updated nightly.

New Zealand High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court case law from the Ministry of Justice’s Judicial Decisions Online database will be added by the end of 2017 at no additional charge.


Law Browser recognises the use of defined terms in legislation, even if a defined term only applies to a specific section or is inherited from the principal Act.


Find every piece of legislation that refers to what you are currently viewing, from our database of over half a million analysed links.


Focus allows you see a custom extract from a piece of legislation, be it a single item such as a part, schedule, section, or sub-section of legislation, or ranges of these items. Get extracts such as 'The Companies Act 1993 sections 2(3)(a), 35, 100-108' in one neatly formatted document.


Columns allows you to view and compare multiple documents at the same time.

Save & Load

Save your entire Law Browser session to open later. Very useful if you need to do the same analysis over and over as part of your job. Saved sessions can be organised into folders, for example for different practice areas or transactions.

Your Print Document

Add items, including definitions, references lists, focus extracts, or whole sections to your custom print document. Use your browser's print functionality to create clean, concise document, containing only the things relevant to you.


Share your compiled print documents with others: they don't even have to be Law Browser subscribers to view and print!

Offical PDF

Law Browser is not a official source of law, but each document links to its official version at

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