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Why use Good Companies?

Share Register

Every New Zealand company needs a share register. Failure to maintain one properly is an offence. The company and each director can be liable for a fine of up to $10,000. With Good Companies, you can set up and maintain share registers in the Cloud.

Companies Register Integration

Import a company’s details and share history from the New Zealand companies register, and submit discounted annual returns at a discounted rate.

Bulk Import & Setup

Import multiple companies from the companies register, assign share classes to multiple companies at once, and import share histories for multiple companies. Easily transition from an Excel or paper based records system.

Interests Register

Create and maintain an interests register to record, among other things, the interests, remuneration, benefits, indemnities, and insurance of directors.

Share Transactions

Issue, transfer, redeem, repurchase, consolidate, divide, and cancel shares. Details will be automatically entered in the share register and can be used to pre-complete Templates.

Manage Shares and Shareholders

Create and assign share classes, add or remove rights and limitations attached to shares, and manage shareholder information.

Manage Directors

Appoint, remove, and manage the details of company directors.


View upcoming notifications calculated by Good Companies, including annual return deadlines and deadlines for giving notice to the Registrar.


View, create, and manage company events. Export calendar events to your Google, Outlook, or other calendar application.

Law Browser Integration

Find helpful links to specific extracts of legislation pulled from Law Browser, which will pop up when you need them.


Create template documents, including director and shareholder resolutions, with details from Good Companies. Export templates in PDF, docx or odt format and store them in File Cabinet.

File Cabinet

Upload, manage, and securely store documents in the Cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere.

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